November 13, 2016 Ryan Stone

Reddit: A Surefire Way To Cultivate and Cater To Your Target Audience Offsite

For small businesses, it’s all about getting ahead of the competition.

We can help with your web design and SEO, but when it comes to cultivating an audience, it’s always important for you, the business owner, to be active in reaching your target audience offsite.

How to reach your target audience offsite

There are many ways to reach your target audience offsite, both online and offline.

In person, talk with your customers. See what common problems they’re having with your product or service, or with your particular industry, and see how you can help them.

Word-of-mouth is the best way to spread your business’ name organically, so you want to help nurture that process as much as possible (without pushing your customers too much).

But there is one way that not many businesses think to reach potential customers who do not know about your specific business, and we want to share that with you.

Find your ideal community and target market there

Where can you find your ideal community and target market? On Reddit. Ever hear of it? If so, you may be wondering how you could possibly use Reddit to your advantage for lead generation. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a quick rundown:

Reddit is the branded as the “front page of the Internet,” where users post content (links, images, pictures, and more) which then get upvoted (similar to a “like” on Facebook or Twitter), creating a community-curated forum of miscellaneous content.

In its large swath of content, there are niches for every culture, community, and common interest. There’s arguably a subreddit for everything.

So say you’re a deli owner in New Jersey. You may want to look at communities like Sandwiches or Undefined Sandwich. You should also check out the New Jersey subreddit.

By creating an account and subscribing to these subreddits, you join relevant communities of potential customers for your business.

From these communities, you can see what people are talking about, what they’re looking for, etc. Then, being an expert in this community, you can offer your two cents, thus establishing yourself as something of an authority in the subject area.

With a few interactions under your belt, you can gently ask for others to check out your business. This takes careful consideration as Reddit users are very keen on self-promotion and do not care for it when it’s clear that a user is only in the conversation for their own personal gain. So plugging your business, product or service has to be done respectfully, tastefully, and appropriately.

If successful, you’ll gain a ton of sweet leads for your business and further embiggen your authority in your respective industry.

So sign up on Reddit, find some relevant communities, and get to reading and interacting!

If you’re ready to become a thought-leader in your industry’s online community through comprehensive digital marketing strategies, contact us today!

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