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To ascend above the competition and clutter, it takes experts who truly care about your business and bring big-picture vision, analytical skill, creativity, and technical expertise to execute  effective online marketing initiatives that deliver strong results. It’s all about connections — getting your business found by the right people and making it natural and easy for them to take the step to connect with you, whether by phone, submitting an inquiry, or buying a product.

Ascent Digital Media has over a decade of expertise in online marketing strategy, including search engine optimization & marketing, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, custom landing pages, Facebook ads, and effective use of Social Media. Our goal is to make the most of every dollar spent, maximizing our clients’ return-on-investment.

Order from chaos

Ascent Digital Media will work with you to determine your business objectives, priorities, and the unique circumstances that impact how your company is presented online, and create an overarching strategy that integrates all your online initiatives into a single, comprehensive & focused campaign. From the text on the corporate site to the guy down the hall posting on Twitter, Ascent will unify your company’s messaging into a single voice with a single goal. We’ll work to ensure that every communication has appropriate calls-to-action, with customized landing pages to present multimedia content and capture user information, while all-the-while tracking every click and measuring every conversion.

Ascent’s digital marketing strategies include:

Our online marketing clients include both small businesses with local reaches in NJ & PA, and large companies with global reach. Our client roster is exclusive, since establishing intimate relationships with our clients and treating one another as partners leads to the best results. We leave the massive client lists to the SEO clown companies who don’t know what they’re doing, and don’t really know who they’re doing it for.

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