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Developing Small Business Websites in WordPress: Why we picked the winner of the popularity contest


Courtesy of Opensourcecms.com

Check out the graph on above, which tells us what something we @ Ascent already knew: WordPress is dominating at Chuck Norris-like levels.

And it just so a happens that Ascent chooses to specialize in custom WordPress development (primarily for small businesses in the NJ/NY Metro area). We didn’t choose WordPress because of its popularity – we chose it because in our arrogant humble opinions, it is by far the best CMS platform on the market, and can give your business the best possible ROI from your website & online marketing.

Here are a few reasons why the popularity of WordPress benefits your business:

  • We don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
    WordPress’s popularity comes hand-in-hand with an awesome and vibrant community of open-source aficionado web developers – who like to share. There is a wondrous gold mine of plugins, add-ons, themes and answers at our fingertips. It’s rare for a client to present us with a need that a WordPress community member hasn’t already encountered – and posted the solution to.Whether in the form of excellent documentation, downloadable plugins, informative blog posts, or simply helpful people hanging out in web forums, WordPress developers have unparalleled resources at our disposal – resources that we can implement and customize to meet your needs – saving you vast sums of money in the process.
  • Faster Project Timelines, Lower budgets.
    The ability to leverage such an active community’s plugins, base/framework themes, tricks of the trade, and to quickly Google & find resolutions to problems gives us the ability to turn a project around in less time, for less expense. That’s right – you get your awesome end result cheaper and faster.
  • Scalability.
    A great man once told the story of a wise man built his house upon a rock, and a foolish man who built his house upon the sand. Jesus may have been referring to WordPress vs. just about anything else. Because when WordPress is the foundation of your site, you can scale up with ease and add virtually any new function under the sun without tearing down and starting from scratch.
  • Need to go multilingual? No big deal.
  • Ready to for e-commerce? You’re in luck.
  • Need to create a secure, custom customer portal? Child’s play. (Not really. Most children could not pull that off. But we can, and we’re somebody’s children.)

WordPress opens up cost-effective scale-up opportunities that no other CMS can dream of.

  • Better “budget” design options.
    When the budget is tight, a truly custom graphic design with custom development simply isn’t an option – but purchasing a great existing WordPress template theme (and there is an endless supply of them) provides a means to present your customers with a “semi-custom” website that is a high-end, professional quality experience, without selling a kidney. Using a semi-custom theme in WordPress is much faster & more cost effective than performing a similar task in a competing platform – and there are more options to choose from.


We could go on & on singing the praises of WordPress. But we also have a warning: due to WordPress’s popularity, there are a lot of web developers, freelancers, and web design companies out there that claim to know it. We have seen an endless parade of fakers in the world of WordPress. So do your research when choosing a wordpress development company. Check out the portfolio. Ask them about WordPress’s limitations. Ask them to show you something impressive that they implemented with it. Make them wow you. And if they can’t, contact us. Because our arrogant humble opinion is that we will.

If you’re ready to move your company website to the powerful WordPress platform – we’re here to help, just contact us today!

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