November 29, 2017 Ascent

Case Study: Flat Fee Portfolios


The relationship between Ascent and Flat Fee Portfolios, dates back to the inception of the program, when it existed only on the mind’s eye of Macro Consulting Group founder Mark Cortazzo. We still remember being mesmerized by his impassioned description of fixed-cost investment program and the extraordinary benefits such a program would bring to an underserved market of investors. And we must say, not only was his conference room impressive, but their hot tea options were unequaled. We were privileged to be able to help bring the dream of Flat Fee Portfolios to reality.

Fast forward a few years to a brand that is maturing, evolving, and growing to best serve its clients. It was time for their website to reflect the same dynamic.


After an in-depth evaluation of the site’s strengths and weaknesses, both with regards to its front-end interface and Content Management System (CMS), Ascent recommended an approach that would make the maximum impact for users and administrators alike, with the least possible cost.

Using the site’s existing fully custom CMS as our base, Ascent proceeded to overhaul the site’s design to give it a brighter, more personal, and more spacious and modern feel. From updated typography to cleaned up navigation, the site looks brand new.

Ascent also completely rebuilt a key component of the site’s lead capture funnel: their free risk profile. These renovations not only included an aesthetic overhaul to make the process more dynamic, intuitive, and inviting for users, they included strategic upgrades as well, such as real-time database updates upon user input to prevent data loss in the case of incomplete submissions or dropoffs.

Behind the scenes, Flat Fee Portfolios’ ability to collect, analyze, interpret and act upon this user data has improved dramatically. Administrators may now review, filter and export this real-time data, and do so with more ease and efficiency.

In short, this major web design & development initiative not only served to position the brand better and make them far more attractive to clients – it is making the program’s bottom line look far more attractive as well. Now that’s what we call a great investment!


  “Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did with the website! We truly appreciate the work you put into making it a masterpiece. You are awesome.” 

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