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Custom WordPress Plugin Development: Do the Impossible

There are over 50,000 free and premium plugins available to extend the functionality of your WordPress site. Handling everything from slideshows to security, from contact forms to integration with third-party software (and much more!), these plugins take a great platform to an even higher level.

But even with such an enormous number of options on the market, there are still times when you can’t find the perfect plugin to suit your needs.

Sometimes you envision a specific feature on your website and yet can’t find a plugin that will accomplish exactly what you want. Maybe you can find a plugin with the right functionality, but it uses the wrong design, or vice versa. Maybe the customization options are too limiting – or too overwhelming! Maybe it’s too hard to set up, or doesn’t work with your site at all.

In those cases, what do you do?

You could decide to just throw in the towel, forget whatever you had envisioned, and settle for something less ideal. Or skip the idea altogether. But where’s the fun in that?

Or, you could tell your web developer, “just make it happen!” And he/she can turn your dreams into reality by creating a new original WordPress plugin that specifically accomplishes what you want it to.

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How to create custom events in Google Analytics

Want specific data captured? Create custom events in Google Analytics to track the valuable actions users take on your website.

We’ll take it as a given that if you have your own website (or manage a website), you’re already familiar with the awesome amount of useful data provided by Google Analytics.  It’s an unsurpassed tool for collecting and analyzing user data, providing you with the necessary intel to really make your site work for your business. Most website owners are familiar with Google Analytics’ basic tracking metrics, such as:

  • New Users
  • Search Query (what users search for on the site)
  • Landing Pages
  • Average Session Duration
  • Bounce Rate

While all of this information is obviously very useful, it only scratches the surface of what Google Analytics is capable of providing — and most importantly, this general data doesn’t capture anything that may be more specific to your own site and your own business goals. Read more

Making it Official: Ascent Digital Media is now a Certified SharpSpring Partner

In official recognition of a relationship dating back to 2013, Ascent Digital Media has been recognized as a certified SharpSpring partner, with proven, extensive expertise in the world’s top-rated marketing automation platform. SharpSpring is a leading software platform utilized for marketing automation software, with features including anonymous visitor ID to email marketing to a web-based CRM, social media management, blogging & landing page generation. SharpSpring is similar in functionality to peers such as HubSpot, Pardot & Marketo, but is often a far more cost-effective and customer-friendly solution. Read more

Landing Page Design Best Practices: How to Make a Perfect Lead Generator

Before you spend a dime on PPC, spend some time… building an Effective Landing Page

While it takes a perfect combination of many factors from keyword research to bidding strategies to ad content to build a successful Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, they ultimately live & die with the landing page itself. When you’re paying for someone to see something, you’d better make sure they’re seeing something GREAT.

So how do you go about creating a landing page that reaches its maximum potential & makes it rain leads… how do you build your perfect landing page?

Aren’t you glad we’re here to tell you?

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5 Advantages of Hiring an SEO Agency Vs. In House

SEO Agency vs. In House: The decision might be easier than you think.

Businesses today need to have an online presence now more than ever.  Online advertisements, social media, email marketing, and user friendly websites are as important as magazine ads, newspaper ads, and letters were 25 years ago. More and more businesses today need digital marketing experts in place that understand all of the ins-and-outs of Search Engine Optimization. So which is better: hiring an SEO Agency to handle all of your search engine optimization needs, or creating a team from within your own ranks?

We’ve assembled a few reasons as to why you should consider hiring an SEO Agency vs. In House: Read more

Case Study: Flat Fee Portfolios


The relationship between Ascent and Flat Fee Portfolios, dates back to the inception of the program, when it existed only on the mind’s eye of Macro Consulting Group founder Mark Cortazzo. We still remember being mesmerized by his impassioned description of fixed-cost investment program and the extraordinary benefits such a program would bring to an underserved market of investors. And we must say, not only was his conference room impressive, but their hot tea options were unequaled. We were privileged to be able to help bring the dream of Flat Fee Portfolios to reality.

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Elevate Your Digital & Content Marketing Skills with These Free Courses & Certifications

If you’re a business owner, chances are you may have some knowledge or understanding of digital marketing and content marketing. Digital and content marketing realm (i.e. social media, SEO, blogging, eBook writing, etc.) can help your business grow and, when done right, will lead to increased brand awareness, sales, and more.

If you’re handling digital marketing on your own, below are several (over 65+) free online courses you can take to elevate your digital and content marketing skills and knowledge. I encourage you to take them at your leisure to improve your digital marketing skill-set.

If you’d rather get expert help from the pros, give us a shout – we’d be glad to help.

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9 Basic Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks for Businesses

It’s a good idea to grab all the low-hanging fruit in the realm of digital marketing. Why miss out on easy ways to improve your internet marketing? Before you go ahead and really dive into a full-fledged, comprehensive digital marketing program for your business, consider these basic internet marketing tips and tricks.

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HubSpot Website Redesign: A Step-By-Step Checklist to Build Your Lead Generating Site

If your website is visually or functionally out of date, doesn’t accurately reflect who you are as a company, isn’t visible in search rankings, or isn’t converting enough leads, it’s likely time for a redesign.

HubSpot is one of the most well known & well regarded platforms to help companies succeed with their online marketing, but many companies aren’t aware that HubSpot is also a great option as a platform to host a redesigned website. It provides absolute creative flexibility for the design process and a number of powerful tools to manage the site behind the scenes. And best of all, the site will integrate completely with Hubspot’s marketing automation tools. Read more

The Digital Identity: A Guide to Online Branding, Marketing & Web Design

You may or may not have heard about digital identities, but you probably already intuitively know what makes up one.

What is a Digital Identity?

Think of a digital identity like you would your own real-life identity: it’s a collection of information that represents who you are, in this case, as an online entity.

Whether it’s a company, an organization, a brand or a person, a digital identity encompasses all of the things on the web that add up to who you are, including social media accounts, websites, Wiki information and more.

So why is it important to manage your digital identity? Well, like I said, it’s who you are.

If you’re a growing business, but you don’t have a website, think how that affects your digital identity. If you’re a large corporation, yet your Facebook page is practically inactive, how do you think your identity is impacted?

When you have your digital identity in check, you’re only helping your business in the modern digital age. Read more

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