August 16, 2017 Ryan Stone

9 Basic Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks for Businesses

It’s a good idea to grab all the low-hanging fruit in the realm of digital marketing. Why miss out on easy ways to improve your internet marketing? Before you go ahead and really dive into a full-fledged, comprehensive digital marketing program for your business, consider these basic internet marketing tips and tricks.

  1. Determine which social network is right for your unique business, then make sure you have an account (and are active on said account)
  2. Master on-page search engine optimization by including relevant keywords in your titles and headings, image alt tags, meta title and description, as well as including relevant keyword throughout your body content (but remember to keep it natural-sounding!)
  3. Include calls-to-action on posts and pages to gather emails and other info from potential customers who visit your website
  4. Make sure your website is not only modern and up-to-date, but, more importantly, mobile friendly too!
  5. Start a blog and contribute to it regularly with information that potential customers will find useful (and make sure to include social sharing buttons on the posts)
  6. Set up and optimize your Google My Business page
  7. Include your business information in relevant directories (local chamber of commerce website, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.)
  8. Encourage customers in real life to leave reviews online and encourage online users to do this, as well
  9. Be organized, set goals, analyze data and optimize or make changes as necessary

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