Elevate Your Digital & Content Marketing Skills with These Free Courses & Certifications

If you’re a business owner, chances are you may have some knowledge or understanding of digital marketing and content marketing. Digital and content marketing realm (i.e. social media, SEO, blogging, eBook writing, etc.) can help your business grow and, when done right, will lead to increased brand awareness, sales, and more.

If you’re handling digital marketing on your own, below are several (over 65+) free online courses you can take to elevate your digital and content marketing skills and knowledge. I encourage you to take them at your leisure to improve your digital marketing skill-set.

If you’d rather get expert help from the pros, give us a shout – we’d be glad to help.

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9 Basic Internet Marketing Tips & Tricks for Businesses

It’s a good idea to grab all the low-hanging fruit in the realm of digital marketing. Why miss out on easy ways to improve your internet marketing? Before you go ahead and really dive into a full-fledged, comprehensive digital marketing program for your business, consider these basic internet marketing tips and tricks.

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The Digital Identity: A Guide to Online Branding, Marketing & Web Design

You may or may not have heard about digital identities, but you probably already intuitively know what makes up one.

What is a Digital Identity?

Think of a digital identity like you would your own real-life identity: it’s a collection of information that represents who you are, in this case, as an online entity.

Whether it’s a company, an organization, a brand or a person, a digital identity encompasses all of the things on the web that add up to who you are, including social media accounts, websites, Wiki information and more.

So why is it important to manage your digital identity? Well, like I said, it’s who you are.

If you’re a growing business, but you don’t have a website, think how that affects your digital identity. If you’re a large corporation, yet your Facebook page is practically inactive, how do you think your identity is impacted?

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How to Easily Create eBooks for Your Small Business Website

At Ascent, we like to help small businesses have the most awesome web presence possible. We particularly focus on the art of conversion optimization – maximizing a site’s ability to capture new leads that will help a business grow. We often recommend that small businesses try new tactics to provide value to their visitors while beginning to build a relationship with them. One way to do so, is to leverage your business’s unique expertise by offering an eBook for download – in exchange for an email address, of course, that can be used in your email marketing & marketing automation outreach. Read more

Best Practices for Website Carousel Sliders and Slideshows

Web design trends are constantly evolving, and as trends come & go, true best practices begin to emerge. For eons, using a slideshow/carousel as the main focal point of your site’s homepage was The Thing To Do. It has been accepted almost as a given, must-have element in the design process, as if on the web design 10 Commandments, “Thou Shalt Have Thee A Homepage Slider” was #2 on the list, sitting right after “Thou Shalt Place Thine Logo in the Upper Left” and before “Thou Shalt Not Use Comic Sans, for it is an Abomination Before the Lord.”

But the times, they are a-changing, and forward thinking, user-experience-focused geniuses like ourselves are starting to advise our clients to think twice about using one of the longest-standing, time-honored  page elements in web design history: the Holy Homepage Slider. Read more

7 Free & Essential WordPress Plugins for Small Business Websites

You may already have a small business website, or you may be looking to get one redesigned (if so, we can help!). If the site you currently own runs on WordPress, or if you’re looking to move your website to a WordPress-based one, then you should know about plugins.

What are WordPress Plugins?

Simply put, a WordPress plugin is a sort of software that can be added to a WordPress website, which will then execute certain functions to extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress-based website.

Why Do I Need To Use WordPress Plugins?

Synthesis summarizes the answer to this question nicely by noting, “The key to effective use of plugins is to deploy them only from properly vetted sources, and only when necessary. Plugins should solve a specific problem or provide an essential function. They should not indulge our vanity or our desire for a “shiny new object”.”

So, it’s best to get plugins that handle large, complicated tasks, as opposed to simpler ones that will just clog up your storage space and bandwidth (therefore, slowing down your site).

That being said, we have for you seven must-have plugins for your small business website and why you should get them. Read more

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