April 26, 2018 Ascent

Making it Official: Ascent Digital Media is now a Certified SharpSpring Partner

In official recognition of a relationship dating back to 2013, Ascent Digital Media has been recognized as a certified SharpSpring partner, with proven, extensive expertise in the world’s top-rated marketing automation platform. SharpSpring is a leading software platform utilized for marketing automation software, with features including anonymous visitor ID to email marketing to a web-based CRM, social media management, blogging & landing page generation. SharpSpring is similar in functionality to peers such as HubSpot, Pardot & Marketo, but is often a far more cost-effective and customer-friendly solution.

“Since the earliest days of Ascent – which were long before anyone ever said the words ‘marketing automation’ – our goal has been to use digital tools to connect the most relevant audiences to the most relevant content & solutions that our clients provide.

We’ve always called ourselves digital matchmakers, with a focus on connecting, converting & cultivating digital relationships. SharpSpring’s suite of tools make us even more effective at generating ROI for our clients.”
– Lance Miller, Principal

What is marketing automation?

Often identified as the natural evolution of traditional email marketing, marketing automation is the next major step for businesses to provide customers with more relevant content, nurture prospects through the sales funnel, generate repeat business, and even identify anonymous web visitors & proactively convert them to leads. It can be used to draw far more success from Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns, remind users to complete shopping cart purchases, and provides a blogging & landing page platform for businesses lacking those functions.

Currently a “Silver” partner, Ascent anticipates graduating to a Gold-level certification in the near future, as increasing numbers of our clients embrace a holistic, comprehensive approach to digital marketing that is driven by SharpSpring’s marketing automation software integrating with their own websites to generate more leads, increase revenue with provable ROI and automate digital marketing efforts. Furthermore, Ascent provides a “managed services” approach to marketing automation, branded “Catalyst.” For businesses without in-house marketing staff, we manage the software, lead identification, & email marketing on a day-to-day basis as well as performing SEO and even content marketing on their behalf.

What’s it cost?

Ascent is proud to leverage our relationship with software to offer several significant discounts. Current pricing as of this publishing date begins at $400/month, which includes a $50/month discount vs. standard SharpSpring pricing. We also offer 50% off of SharpSpring standard setup fees – an additional savings of $900.

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