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Rise above with an award-winning, revenue-increasing, bar-raising local, strategic partner with extensive expertise in digital marketing & custom web development.

Ascent Digital Media specializes in strategic web development & digital marketing partnerships with some of the most talented PR, branding & advertising agencies in the NYC & Philly metro areas. Whether you just need occasional help with overflow, or don’t have an in-house digital team, trust us to deliver the awesomeness.

This team go by the company name “Ascent”, but to our agency they already reside at the pinnacle of interactive design. Creative, attentive, hyper-organized and client-focused… just some of the attributes that make Ascent true professionals in a field that is filled with pretenders. Ascent Digital Media is our trusted partner and I highly recommend them.”
– A Local Agency President

Areas of Expertise

  • WordPress: Custom Web Development

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO/SEM/PPC)

  • Marketing Automation (HubSpot, SalesForce, etc)

  • Website Architecture Planning & Consulting

  • Video/Multimedia Production

Greatest Hits

  • Our team is trusted, accessible, accountable & proven.
  • Our approach is streamlined, efficient & cost-effective.
  • We’re easy to work with, have great communication, & treat you & your clients with white-glove service.
  • We’re creative, critical thinking problem-solvers who always rise to a challenge.
  • We’re based only a short drive from NYC, Philly, NJ & the Lehigh Valley.

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“We act as an extension of your agency – supplementing your core offerings, broadening your expertise, and sharing your core values. We’re all about serving you, so you can serve your clients even better.”
Lance Miller, Principal


Custom WordPress Development

HubSpot & Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Custom Applications Development

Multimedia Production

Providing Missing Ingredients

When your agency doesn’t have a core competency in digital marketing and custom web development, Ascent becomes a crucial component in offering your clients full-service solutions.

If your agency has an in-house team, Ascent can be the critical ingredient in helping you meet deadlines during times of high volume.

If your team could use a seasoned project manager to guide a client through the process of articulating their vision and establishing a project’s requirements, we bring a couple decades’ worth of insights to the table.

When you need solutions to help demonstrate the ROI of all your marketing initiatives, we can create the tracking, analysis and reporting that will prove the value you bring.

Increasing Revenue & Improving Profitability

Ascent’s partnership goes far beyond serving as a vendor to get a little work out the door. We can help the entire life-cycle of a client relationship, including winning that relationship to begin with.

We’ve ghost-written RFP responses and proposals, providing the expertise needed to craft a winning bid. We’ve represented agencies at face-to-face sales presentations, lending senior-level credibility and making clients confident that the project would be in the best of hands.

We empower agencies to offer an expanded array of digital marketing services that expand on your existing retainers to provide recurring revenue. These services include offerings such as SEO, PPC, marketing automation management & website maintenance/security. And when we act as your partner on a web development project (which are notorious for cost overruns), your provide margin is fixed and guaranteed.

Ascent can improve your agency’s bottom line.

Strengthening Client Relationships

Many agencies choose to have our team work directly with their clients on various projects, acting as an extension of the agency itself. It’s a role we take very seriously, and a level of trust that we never take for granted. We work diligently to help you build lasting, positive relationships with your clients, and bring even more credibility for your organization.

We foster a “we’re in this together” mindset with clients to help them view your agency as their trusted partner and first choice. We represent your agency with the utmost care, and treat your clients with the outstanding attention, service and courtesy that you would treat them with yourself.

We take tremendous pride in having universally helped to build stronger, more positive, and more lucrative client relationships on behalf of our partner agencies.

More Qualifications, Higher Quality

The Ascent team approaches every engagement with a “whatever it takes” attitude. We bring a resourceful, problem-solving mindset to any challenge and have yet to find one we couldn’t tackle, including:

  • Custom web development including e-commerce, HubSpot, WordPress plugins, etc.
  • Custom API integrations
  • Custom web portals
  • Comprehensive SEO, PPC, & email marketing programs
  • Marketing automation solutions with HubSpot, SharpSpring, Salesforce & Pardot

Our ability and agility allows our partner agencies to virtually never hesitate to take on a new client or project due to the client’s existing environment or requirements. One of our most-used phrases is, “Yes, we can do that for you.”

And our execution is truly excellent – we produce high quality work, crafted with care, tested and delivered with confidence. Particularly for agencies without internal digital resources, we raise the standards of quality for the work your agency produces. And when an agency does have internal resources, they can have confidence that our production will meet or exceed their own high standards.

Lost then Found: Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

Advertising, Branding & PR agencies are masters of content creation and storytelling. We can help make sure the world knows it. With a content-focused approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we expand the reach of the work you produce by optimizing it & ensuring that it has the maximum impact on the web.

Our SEO efforts will help draw new website traffic to your clients, and our conversion-optimization initiatives will help to ensure that as many of those visitors as possible will take the next step to submitting an inquiry or picking up the phone. And for more instant gratification, we manage Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs with creative, cost-effective strategies that maximize ROI.

Accountable, Reliable, Diverse Teammates

Many agencies have been burned by freelancers and/or off-shoring. We hear all the war stories about low quality work, communication breakdowns, freelancers simply going AWOL, or derailed projects that exceeded the skillset of an individual.

Save the headaches and contact us first. Ascent provides a locally-based team of critical-thinking, creative, dedicated professionals with a full range of skillsets including strategy development, graphic design, video production, SEO, and custom web development. We hold our work to high standards, deliver on-time, and are always accessible. And while it’s no palace, in case you want to visit us, our real live actual office is right down the road in Clinton NJ.

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